Safety Device

Your Shield of Protection: Advanced Safety Devices.

Safety PLC

A Safety PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is a specialized industrial control system designed to ensure the safety of machinery and processes. It is certified to meet stringent safety standards and features redundancy, self-checking, and diagnostics to minimize the risk of failures. Safety PLCs manage critical safety functions, such as emergency stops and safety interlocks, protecting human operators and equipment. They can be programmed and integrated with standard PLCs, offering flexibility and scalability while enhancing safety in industrial settings where accidents and hazards are a concern.

Safety Door Switch

Safety door switches, also known as safety interlock switches, are devices designed to enhance safety in industrial and commercial environments. They are installed on doors, gates, or access panels and ensure that these barriers are securely closed and locked before potentially hazardous machinery or processes can operate. When the door is open or not properly closed, these switches send a signal to control systems, often causing a machine to halt or preventing certain operations. Safety door switches are vital in preventing accidents and injuries by ensuring that personnel cannot access dangerous areas when machines are in operation, aligning with safety standards and regulations.

Area Scanner

An area scanner, in the context of industrial automation and safety, is a sensor device that employs laser or infrared technology to continuously monitor and detect objects or obstacles within a defined area or zone. It generates a two-dimensional or three-dimensional map of its surroundings in real-time. Area scanners are used to enhance safety in automated systems, such as autonomous robots or machinery, by providing collision avoidance and proximity detection capabilities. When an object or person enters a pre-defined danger zone, the area scanner can trigger safety measures like stopping or slowing down the equipment, thus preventing accidents and ensuring safe interaction between humans and machines.

Light Curtain

A safety light curtain is a safety device used in industrial and manufacturing settings to safeguard personnel from hazardous machinery or equipment. It consists of an array of infrared light beams that create an invisible curtain or barrier across an access point or danger zone. When an object or person breaks these beams, the light curtain immediately sends a signal to a safety control system, prompting the machinery to stop or enter a safe state. Safety light curtains are crucial for protecting operators from injury while maintaining productivity by allowing quick access to machines when the light curtain is not breached.

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