Your Safety, Your Way: Customized Fencing Solutions

Industrial Safety Fence

Industrial safety fencing, also known as machine guarding systems or perimeter fencing, is designed to safely separate personnel, equipment, and/or property from harm or loss. As moving machine parts may present a danger to workers, it is crucial for industrial machines to have guards in place during operations to prevent injury. Machine guarding systems is also an economical solution for industrial safety needs.

PRAZAMANA SAFETIC “SAFE FIX SERIES” perimeter guarding system prevents unauthorized entry into restricted hazardous areas, such as heavy machinery, robotic welding, and even conveyor areas. Industrial Safety Fencing also effectively protects contained equipment and storage areas from both theft and damage. The Safe Fix series perimeter fence meets EN ISO 14120:2015(Annex C) The Safe Fix series has the ability to make odd size corners anywhere from 10 degrees to 270 degrees .

Also they are installable for many different applications, including:

  • Machine perimeter guarding

  • Robotic work cells

  • Robotic welding areas

  • Tool cribs