CE Marking

With Prazamana As Your Representative, Get Guaranteed Access To The European Market

What is CE Marking?

CE mark is a mandatory European marking for all machines imported from non-European countries or exported to European countries. The marking confirms the necessary health, safety and environmental requirements of a machine set out in European directives. If every machine in your plant is integrated to form an assembly of machines, then with the help of a machine safety consultant you need to carry out the necessary assessments and CE marking of the entire plant.

Prazamana provides the best machine safety services that affix the CE marking to all your machinery. Our assessments are stringent and we follow necessary industry safety standards. There are about 25 EU directives, we ensure that your machinery meets all the essential requirement of all applicable EU directives. Prazamana is the best CE Marking Consultants in Pune and all around India.

CE Marking Means:

  • Your Machinery Comply With All The Relevant CE Standards

  • All The Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Hydraulic And Pneumatic Equipment Of Your Machinery Is Safe

  • People Using Machines Are Safe

  • Control Responses Of The Machinery Are Consistent.

  • Machines Can Be Easily Maintained Throughout Its Lifetime.

Prazamana – Your CE Marking Consultants In Pune & India

  • As An Authorized Consultant, Prazamana Takes Complete Responsibility For The Declaration Of Conformity

  • Identify The Relevant Standards And Directives And Apply It To Your Machinery

  • Create A Safety Concept And Machine Safety Design

  • Make Necessary Recommendations As Per The Machinery Health And Safety Requirements

  • Create Legal Documents

  • Manage Certification

We are experts in CE marking implementation and ensure that your machinery receives guaranteed access to the European market. With us, you protect your workforce, enhance productivity and save a lot of your time and money.