Machine Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment from Experienced-Trusted-Committed Certified Engineers

Machine Safety Risk Assessment As Per ISO 12100:2010 Standards

Machine safety risk assessment is one of the proven and systematic tools to assess, identify and document the hazards of operating machinery. It helps to quantify and prioritize various risks depending on their score or ranking. Risk Assessment is recommended for companies working on old, refurbished and new machinery. It is also recommended for companies who have recently relocated the machines that need risk scoring and hazard identification. 

Prazamana adheres to ISO 12100:2010 European Standards for Risk Assessment. We work in coordination with your team to undertake a technical assessment of your machinery with the applicable European standards and directives. The main goal of the risk assessment is to investigate and identify the existing and possible hazards while providing safer solutions for risk reductions

Machine Safety Risk Assessment As Per ISO 12100:2010 Standards

  • Visual inspection of the electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems of the machine.

  • Analyze machine hazards and risks in each phase of the machine lifecycle

  • Identify the applicable machine-specific standards and regulations

  • Define Machine limits

  • Assess the Risk

  • Recommend a standardized method for reducing risk

Prazamana Safety Risk Assessment Services Helps You To:

  • Identify and control the hazards in your machine environment

  • Create awareness among your engineers and operators

  • Set the risk management standards in compliance with legal requirements and safe practices

  • Reduce hazards in your working environment

  • Save money by being proactive rather than reactive

Prazamana makes sure that your factory is safe by providing key insights about the potential hazards that may occur and prevent them by proper analysis and precautions required . We follow all the guidelines as per ISO 12100:2010 standards to ensure that you get the high quality standard machine Safety Risk Assessment report.

Prazamana understands the importance of day-to-day operations of industrial machines. We thrive to make your production area safe and secure place to work in.