Machine Safety Design

Machine Safety Compliance Starts With Safety Design

Systematic Planning Eliminates Danger Points

The primary objective of machine safety design is to protect the operator and the employees from any hazards. Hazards such as severe injuries, burns, crushed fingers or hands, etc., might occur during the machine’s normal operation. We set unique machine guarding strategies adhering the international standards that help to control and eliminate the hazard thus safeguarding your employees.

Machine safety unlocks a host of untapped production benefits while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). This concept helps to streamline shop floor operation and comes with loads of competitive advantage. The foremost step towards the safety design of machine is to first understand the machine’s operating scope and this can be best done by the experts like Prazamana. We also analyze the entire machine throughput information, evaluate the complexities and understand the in-feed and out-feed requirements during the design phase.

Prazamana- Safety Design Services For Your Machines:

  • Maintain Compliance With The Safety Standards

  • Provide In-Depth Allocation Of Safety Measures To The Identified Risks

  • Design Electrical, Mechanical, Electronic Parts And Software Of The Machine Safety System

  • Select The Components In Your Machinery And Determine SIL And PL

  • We Regulate Machine Performance As Per The European Guidelines And Standards

Benefits Of Prazamana Machine Safety Design:

  • Decrease Operator Risks

  • Reduce Downtime And Productivity Loss

  • Save Your Business From Costs That Are Associated With Incidents Like Downtime, Regulatory Fines, Legal Fees And Inspections

  • Safety Design of Machine Validates That Your Machine Meets Safety Requirements In Case Of Any Workplace Injury