Lockout Tagout System

Machine Safety Compliance Starts With Safety Design

What is The Lockout Tagout System?

Lockout Tagout procedure has several forms. Even today there is a need for visual inspection of machinery and physical safety to prevent the employees and assets from serious harm. The LOTO approach is where the hydraulic, electrical, thermal, pneumatic and mechanical equipment is either physically disabled or locked with some form of locking system. High visible tags are put up so that to inform the operators of the lockout status.

Prazamana- Your Lockout Tagout System Consultant

  • Lockout

    Our team of safety engineers ensures that the placement of the lockout device on the energy isolating device is established properly in accordance with the regulation and procedure.

  • Lockout Device

    The device includes bolted slip blinds, blank flanges and many more to hold the energy isolating device in a very safe position. We ensure our clients that the lockout device prevents their machine or equipment from energizing.

  • Tagout

    We make arrangements so that the tagout device is placed as per the established procedure. The tagout indicates that the equipment and energy isolating device being controlled should not be operated until the tagout device is removed.

  • Tagout Device

    This is the most prominent warning device. It is a kind of tag that is fastened to an energy isolating device and equipment being controlled.

Prazamana has industrial safety experts that has designed, maintained, built and operated a wide range of industrial machineries. We have the best team of engineers, who have investigated countless mishaps of different industries over the years. We are well-versed with varied machinery types and know the kind of safety options that should be applied to your machinery.

Lockout Tagout is an extremely important measure and must not be neglected. However, it is a very critical measure too and so should not be done by anyone who is not certified to do it. Consult with Prazamana for Lockout Tagout services and be stress-free about your mahcine’s health and your employees safety.